Intercourse Reversal in Chickens Kept in Small and Backyard Flocks

You are able for the feminine chicken to undertake external characteristics of a male, a phenomenon known as intercourse reversal. (To date, spontaneous intercourse reversal from male to female hasn’t been reported.) Genetically and anatomically, a chicken which have skilled sex reversal continues to be a hen, however it has additional traits comparable to those of the male.

Typically, a few observable variations in the sex that is secondary of roosters and hens occur (as shown in Figure 1).

Included in these are the following distinctions:

  • The male has a bigger human anatomy, brush, and wattles compared to the feminine.
  • The male’s comb is turgid and stands erect, whereas the female’s may flop over to one side in single-comb chickens.
  • A man has bigger, more developed spurs as compared to feminine.
  • Although both sexes have actually the ability to crow, typically just the male does.
  • In multicolored varieties, a man has more number of color inside the plumage compared to the feminine (aside from kinds of that the men are hen-feathered, including the Sebright and Campine breeds).
  • A man has much much much longer and much more hackles that are pointed the feminine.
  • Both sexes have actually primary end feathers, but only the male has feathers that are saddle sickles.Read More